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Ayurveda Therapist Certification

Walking or DANCING on the body is a massage technique that the Orientals have been applying for therapeutic purposes since ancient times.

Whose objective is to relieve the body of fatigue, tension, body memories, energy blocks and pleasure Kalari massage is based on the same principles as Ayurvedic massage.

It is a deep therapy where we go from the physical to the most subtle planes of our being Originally, it was applied among the practicing warriors of the Kalaripayattu martial art; considered the oldest martial art in the world, which has its own scientific system of massages and therapies based on Ayurveda.

Through the Marma Kalari, the warriors warmed up, strengthened and toned their muscles, increased their reflexes and achieved a greater state of alertness and concentration.

Certification Ayurveda Therapist PRESENTIAL

🍃Tulum 🇲🇽

🍃November 20/21

ATTENTION of Consultations-Therapies-Courses group and personalized

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